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Portfolio Automotive Consultants offers a bespoke automotive acquisition experience for both the aspiring and seasoned collector alike. We are your automotive concierge and collection curator. Portfolio specializes in creating investment-grade automotive collections for the uncompromising connoisseur by re-defining individually focused customer service with polish and prestige without the pretense. 

Through our international network we unlock the doors to elusive collectible vehicles and provide exclusive access to automobiles that are otherwise unavailable. Portfolio is the key to unlocking your collection.


Portfolio is the key to unlocking your collection.


Cars are my life!

While I’m not an author, I can do a killer wheelie and once rode my ‘big wheel’ down a flight of stairs. The day my father took off my training wheels and set me free, it was obvious to both friends and family that this passion would unquestionably direct me toward a career in the world of automobiles and motorcycles. When I was growing up, if it didn’t have wheels, I wasn’t interested. My current Hot Wheels and Matchbox toy collections could rival any collection in the Smithsonian. Building soapbox racers and riding mini bikes, that was literally everything to me.


Later in life it was a natural progression to obtain all three levels of Porsche Motorsport Driving Instruction as well as my SCCA certification. Riding Dirtbikes or Snowmobiles/Snowbikes as a therapeutic refresh is what keeps me smiling. A true love of automobiles was not a childhood phase of mine, it is my reason for being, and it was only fortified as a teenager with ‘real’ cars. Volkswagen Beetles were bought and sold before I had a driver’s license. Porsche, Audi, VW, Mercedes Benz, Ducati, and BMW would all become business associates over the following 30 plus years. I have worked in every department at the dealership level, including 16 years with Mercedes Benz, 12 as a member of the Sales Department. I later took on the role as General Manager at BMW Motorrad/ Ducati. 

Missing the personal interaction and customer engagement that the automotive sales world offered, I resigned to indulge my lifelong obsession with the Porsche brand as a Globally-Certified Brand Ambassador for over 15 years now. Being able to share my enthusiasm for cars with all the people I have met as clients has been the single greatest reward in my career. A lifetime of automotive lust, combined with 32-years of hands-on industry experience, has culminated in the creation of Portfolio Automotive Consultants. For the first time in my career I can offer my clients a breadth of product and the superior level of luxury service that I could not access before as a representative of a dealership. 

With Portfolio, I dedicate my future to investment-quality collector cars and a bespoke level of individual and personal service.

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